Uniform Choice
Uniform Choice
Orgin Orange County, California
Genres Hardcore Punk
Years Active 1982-1988
Country of origin United States of America
Labels Wishingwell Records, Giant Records
Associated Acts The Vandals, Corporate Avenger, Mind Funk, Unity, Plain Wrap, T.S.O.L.
Official website the guys have disbanded in 1988 and Internet was yet to be invented at that time…

Uniform Choice is an Orange County, California hardcore punk band.


David Mello
Pat Dubar
Victor Maynez
Pat Dyson
Patrick Longrie


Orange Peel Sessions demo (1982)
Uniform Choice demo (1984)
Screaming for Change (Wishingwell Records, 1986)
Region of Ice (Giant Records, 1988)
Staring into the Sun (1988)

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