Uterus Productions

Uterus Productions
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Founded: 2014
Genres : Grindcore, Death Metal, Goregrind, Porngrind, Cybergrind, Extreme Music
Location: Heidelberg, Germany

Uterus Productions is a Mailorder and Record Label for Grindcore, Death Metal, Brutal Death Metal, Cybergrind, Goregrind and all sorts of extreme Music and noisy stuff.
We release on Vinyl, CD, PRO CDR and Cassette.


  • UTP001 Advanced Xenomorph Uteral Tumour - Uteruses Will Be Obliterated PRO CDR
  • UTP002 Cystgurgle - Regurgitant Slurp Of Mashed Embryo 7"
  • UTP003 Holocausto Canibal/Desecration - Split 7"
  • UTP004 Putrefuck - Impending Necrophilia In Fresh And Pale Cadavers Arriving To The Morgue CD
  • UTP005 Anal Oder Nicht Sein, Rot In Space, Copronaut - 3-Way Extraterrestrial Excrement CD
  • UTP006 Ingrown, Cannibe, Disgorgement Of Intestinal Lymphatic Suppuration, M.D.K. - Human Flesh In Putrefaction 4-Way Split CD
  • UTP007 Shitfuckingshit - Live In Nottingham 2014 CD
  • UTP008 Putrid Offal - Mature Necropsy LP
  • UTP010 Intestinal Rot - Re-Inventing Mankind 7"
  • UTP011 Anus Tumor / Hermafrodita - Kontamination Sei Unser Lohn / Forced Capitulation TAPE
  • UTP012 Ptoma - Amorphous Necro Organic Invasion PRO CDR
  • UTP013 Subhuman Prodigy Of Wickedness / Proctalgia - Primordial Eradication Of The Inextinguishable Undead CD
  • UTP015 Dead Fetus Collection - Sadistic Necro Chamber CD

Releases without Catalogue Number

  • Lambs - Betrayed From Birth LP
  • Jack - Neurozis LP
  • Shitfuckingshit - Life Of Excess CD
  • Agathocles / Degenerhate - Wash Your Blues Away! / The Nothing I've Become 7"
  • Kotzende Bröckels / Anal Shake - Split TAPE
  • Fecal Smear Test - Discography TAPE

Upcoming Releases

  • UTP016 Regurgimentação Necrovaginal Sangrenta - Contos de impulsos antropofágicos, mutilações, desmembramentos e manifestações de doenças crônicas

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