Uzi Suicide
Uzi Suicide
Orgin Santa Cruz, California
Genres Powerviolence
Years Active 2003-2006
Country of origin United States of America
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Associated Acts In Disgust
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Uzi Suicide was a relentless powerviolence outfit from Santa Cruz, CA. They played violent and raging blasts of grinding thrash punk at blistering speeds. These jams are tough as hell and never slow down. The band's major influences are Satan, shoplifting, veganism & graffiti. These punks knew exactly how to shred like filthy beasts. They're all done now, one of the members are currently shredding in the band In Disgust so peep them and snag Uzi Suicide's entire discography below. Indulge in the rage. DIG!


Moshin' 'n' Thrashin' Discography (2003-2006)

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