Vaffanculo was a fastcore guitar duo formed by Matteo Berni on the drums and Salvatore Russo on guitar and Matteo Berni on drums and voice. Since Matteo Prandini, bass player of Suffering, was always late at rehearsals, the band was born as a secret plan in order to still play at gigs if Matteo was late: club owners only had to change the set-list… They would play covers from Napalm Death and Brutal Truth, and an original self-titled song which blamed politicians and mobsters for how things were going on in our city and the world. One day, Suffering had to rehearse, and Matteo Prandini was late, so Lorenzo, a friend who had come to see Suffering play, borrowed a bass from Matteo's father and they jammed some blues. Then Salvatore and Matteo let them listen to their fastcore compositions and the three of them planned another rehearsal. They changed their name in Scazzo Abbestia because the early jam was a scazzo-blues jam (random blues), rehearsed three songs in one hour and recorded two. They changed their name in Rum-Ore on October. The rest is history.

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