Orgin Milan
Genres Blast Metal
Years Active 1996 - Present
Country of origin Italy
Labels Anger Music, Witchhammer Productions. Ashen Productions, World Chaos, Iron Tyrant Productions, Gore and Heavy, Barbarian Wrath Records, Hurricane Entertainment, Witches Brew Records
Associated Acts Ul Mik Longobardeath, DyNAbyTe, Necrodeath, Hatework, Sodom, Destruction, Kreator, Tankard, Hell in a Cell, Gli Atroci, My Last Keen, In.Si.Dia, Assassin, Legion, Hellstorm, Hyades, Total Death, Death Mechanism, Deathwork, Executioner, Mercy of Devil, Endless Pain, Speculum Mortis, Symmetric Disorder, Mortuary Drape, Evil Nasty, Alea Jacta, Blood 7.62, Amniotic Count, Devil Lee Rot, Autopsy Torment, Blood Thirsty Demons, Desaster, Pentacle, Decayed, Tiburon, Homerun, Kissexy, The Rattles, Malnatt, Psychofagist, Bulldozer, Faust, Lifend, Black Obsession, Blak Vomit, Eviscerate, Horrid, Enemynside, Nightward, Methedras
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Vexed were formed in 1996 by Mik in order to play some Old School Black/Thrash Metal In 1999 they released their debut tape Abyss of Agony, selling more than 450 copies and spreading 400 promotional copies. In 2000 John from Necrodeath recorded and mixed new songs at DyNAbyte Studio for the sake of promotion. So in 2001 Vexed released "Blood Upon the Void" for Anger Music (and also a split version of that album with the Brazilian Thrash band Fairscape for Deathstrike Records. In 2002 they also released "Endless Armageddon" for Witchhammer Productions, containing songs from this promo. In 2001 they recorded a split with Hatework that would praise the Italian underground Metal scene. In 2003 the band recorded their second full length "Nightmare Holocaust" for Witches Brew Records. John from Necrodeath was featured as special guest on the Sodom cover "Blasphemer". They also released the 7” "Nuclear Babylon" for Dream Evil Records. In 2004 they released their third album "Destruction Warfare" for Bitches Brew Records, featuring the Destruction cover "Total Desaster". In 2006 they recorded their fourth album "Hellblast Extinction and also recorded some gigs for the DVD. In 2008 they released the "Violent Blast" box containing their whole discography. In 2012 they released the "Collection Blood" 7" and the new album "Void MMXII" on Punishment 18 Records. They are playing in many clubs and festivals across Europe.


Mik B.N.: Razorblastscreamer/Rottenthunderbass


Abyss Of Agony (1999)
Blood Upon The Void (2001)
Vexed VS Fairscape split (2001)
Italian Aggressive Attack (2002)
Endless Armageddon (2002)
Nuclear Babylon (2003)
Nightmare Holocaust (2003)
Destruction Warfare (2004)
Hellblast Extinction (2006)
Violent Blast Metal box (2008)
Collection Blood (2012)
Void MMXII (2012)

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