Violent Records

Violent was born in 2005 as an indipendent comic book publishing house. Matteo Berni, 12 at the time, was given some homework for art: write and draw a comic book. From thence he invented the character of Max Pinn, a secret agent with the body of Vin Diesel and the head of Stewie, from the Family Dad cartoon series. He was involved in solving conflicts and preventing the (existing) political party Lega Nord from performing terrorist attacks. He would give such comic books to the teacher and let the class see it. In Summer, he was looking for someone who would be better than him at drawing comics: his elementary school friend Alfredo Cuttano. Taking inspiration from the heroes and villains of Spider-Man comics they created the comic series James Budiulo, a PIA (Pisan Intelligence Agency) secret agent who kills all the people who were involved in the killing of his family caused by the tapping of the WC of their house with the action figure of a clown, and letting them drown in shit. James was saved because the sea of shit broke one window and he managed to swim off to the garden. Then he mastered some martial arts and was involved in secret missions to kill these people, who were also mobsters. Such plot involved not only politicians like Silvio Berlusconi (burned in his very own house at the very same issue of the series), Umberto Bossi (hit to death) and Roberto Maroni (brutally raped), but also vampires, zombies and aliens. James Budiulo would drive tuning cars at full speed and use many ultra-powerful weapons to kill everybody. At college, two comic series followed: one was called "Il Governo Sta Tagliando I Fondi E…": it talked about the effects of the government cuts on instruction, welfare and public sanity, and how such cuts affected the life of Italian citizens, from doctors who didn't even finish college so exchange one organ for another to teachers who only make noise; another was a series of short silent stories showing people playing heavy metal and punk so fast that they cut their entire arms with the chords of a guitar or cut their heads with cymbals. In 2008 the comic series Teste di C followed: it consists of people with little bodies, three-finger hands and the head shaped like the letter "C". They are distinguished according to some peculiar clothing and their haircuts: there's Shawn, the metalhead, Curtis, the rapper, Askraunz, the mad scientist, who has invented a lifting system that burns fats disperding CO2 particles in the air if you get to have car exhausts attached at your face… Matteo also wanted to release some animated series in stop-motion, but school was getting harder and harder and the project failed. In 2011 the Violent Records was born, Violent Editions in 2012. Violent Records has published a grindcore and thrash compilation called "Violenza", featuring songs of Scazzo Abbestia, Anal Cunt and Xentrix, and a pair of bootlegs of the Live Evil show, who were broadcasted for free at birthday parties. Violent Records is making some independent record deals with Rum-Ore in order to publish or reprint some material. In 2012 Violent Editions was born: it didn't publish comics but hand-written books, like "Il Grande Libro del Djemb√®" (history, technique and theory of the djemb√®) and "Le Vite della Gente Ganza" (the lives of nice people like Aldo Capitini, Mahatma Gandhi and Subcomandante Marcos).

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