Visceral Circuitry Records
Visceral Circuitry Records
Founded 2007
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Genre Industrial, Grindcore, Noise, Metal…
Country of origin France
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Underground tape and CDr label from France, releasing Industrial, Grindcore, Noise, Extreme metal…

Table of Contents


  • Glaukom Synod (Fra) Hydrocephalizer Tape. 2007
  • Blank Verse (Swe) Karelia Ingria CDr. 2010
  • Glaukom Synod (Fra) The Unspeakable Horror CDr. 2010
  • Kataplasm - Maxxximized Centrifuse Blower CDr. 2012
  • Glaukom Synod - Vampires And Gorgeous Throats Tape. 2016
  • Glaukom Synod - Macabre Remixes CDr. 2017
  • Penthos (Uk) Lifeless haze Demo tape. 2017
  • Darkthrone Is Dead - Fukk Norway ‚ÄéTape. 2017
  • Autolingus / Darkthrone Is Dead - Split CDr. 2017
  • Dekonstruktor (Rus) Eating The Universe Tape. 2018
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