Weeping Willow

Weeping Willow was founded by guitarist Mattia Lenti and Claudio Iacono back in 2010 with a different name and band members. The band went through many lineup changes and finally during summer 2011 it settled to a four-piece with Marco Di Chiara on the drums and Matteo Prandini on the bass guitar.

They recorded a demo in november 2011, produced by Matteo Buti, guitarist for one the finest italian uprising thrash band, Subhuman.

The songs are an aggressive mixture of thrash/death metal and progressive interludes with a black metal touch given by the harsh vocals.


Mattia Lenti - Rhythm guitar & Lead vocals
Claudio Iacono - Lead guitar
Marco Di Chiara - Drums & Backing vocals
Matteo Prandini - Bass guitar


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