Orgin Portland, Oregon
Genres Thrash Metal, Hardcore Punk
Years Active 1985
Country of origin USA
Labels New Renaissance Records
Associated Acts Spazztic Blurr, Cryptic Slaughter, Tito Matos, Sweaty Nipples, Everclear, Drumattica, Tri-Polar, Nervous Christians, Bastard Children of the Roman Empire, Kapuda
Official website http://www.myspace.com/wehrmachtband

Wehrmacht is an American thrash metal/hardcore punk band, formed in Portland, Oregon in 1985. After releasing two albums on New Renaissance Records, the band split up. Later, both albums were re-issued on one CD. Tito Matos and Marco Zorich went on to form Spazztic Blurr and Brian Lehfeldt went to Cryptic Slaughter. Matos now is a DJ. Lehfeldt also played with Sweaty Nipples and toured with Everclear. His most recent projects are Drumattica and Tri-polar. Shann Mortimer entered the Nervous Christians and Bastard Children of the Roman Empire bands. He is now a criminal defense attorney. John Duffy has continued playing music, most recently with the band Kapuda. Despite the band's name they do not have Nazi ideals.


Eric Hezler - vocals
Marco Zorich (aka Marco Sharko) - guitar
John Duffy - guitar
Shann Mortimer - bass
Brian Lehfeldt - drums


Blow You Away (Demo, 1985)
Rehearsal '85 (Demo, 1985)
Beermacht (Demo, 1986)
Death Punk (Demo, 1986)
Live at Pine St. Theatre (Demo, 1986)
Shark Attack (LP, 1987)
Biermacht (LP, 1989)
Vise Grip (EP, 1990)
Hardcore Classix! (Best of/Compilation, 2009)
Viva Sharko! (Boxed set, 2010)
Fast as a Shark Attack (EP, 2010)

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