Orgin Poland
Genres grindpunk
Years Active 1995-2004
Country of origin Poland
Labels Painart Records, Hammerwerk Records, Elephant, Absurd, Bookhorst, Dratsab Records, Human Meat for Sale Records
Associated Acts Instinct of Survival, Dirty Power Game, Parental Advisory, Cut Your Hair, Abuso Sonoro, Sarcasm, Groinchurn, Dios Hastio
Official website http://www.sensitivewormrile.net/Wojczech/Wojczech.htm

Wojczech started off in mid of 1995 playing simple grindpunk after heading up from other bands already together since 1991. A project with not the biggest intention developed to a full band early getting in touch with the Hcnetwork all over the globe everybody already was chained in that time. basically a couple of friends shared their similar ideas of musical expression in opposite to the 21th century civilisation it`s decay as well as doing something more constructive than swimming in daily boredom. That band plays sort of nihilist hardcore. the spirit some folks may call punk but the drive is grind. lyrics mostly reflect misanthropic edges of being, ranging from cynically personal things into political topics. politics gets personal as you wont find one and one fits into two solutions here. wojczech doesnt offers answers to the deaf and degenerated. moreover we do our best refusing apathy and selfpleasure/ -pity and we do intend to avoid cliches as preaching to the already converted surely seems pretty contradictionary to us. We are not into slogans. Wojczech has been played so far around 500 shows all over 3 continents and look forward to meet you in the most far away little smokey hole. be sure these bastards do not hesistate travelling for communication and gasexpenses. thats the way punk is constructive and not about its conservative and narrowminded faces, stereotypes and records waste. Missions we`ve done including:

aug.1995 Peru
march 1996 germany, austria,switzerland, italy
oct. 1996 germany,czech,poland,austria,slovenija,switzerland,france,belgium,holland
march 1997 mini tour northgermany
may 1997 germany, belgium, holland, switzerland,czech, france
jan 1998 Peru
march/ april 1998 holland,belgium,germany,switzerland,france
oct. 1998 germany
march/april 1999 brasil
march/april 2000 germany,holland,belgium,france,switzerland,italy,greece,austria,czech
oct 2001 germany,austria,slovakia
march/may 2002 germany
aug/sept 2002 germany,czech,slovakia,hungary,austria,italy,swiss,belgium,france,holland,spain,euskadi
jan/feb 2003 southeastasia:thailand,malaysia,singapore,indonesia
may 2003 germany
dec/jan 2003/2004 germany, switzerland
During the years we had small line up changes.


Turbo Phlegma/ itzbroesel- battery
Basalt Bonsai/ affenmann- throat& chants
Pigheadblaster/ student- 4strings/ vox
Major Enslaver/ schweinevogel- 6strings/ vox
particularly in live mission: binary G.las ganther- samples,fx


Wojczech VS Dios Hastio split
Various Sounds
Wojczech VS Groinchurn split (Pain Art Records)
Wojczech VS Sarcasm split (Hammerwerk Records)
Wojczech VS Abuso Sonoro split (Elephant/Absurd)
Wojczech VS Cut Your Hair split (Bookhorst)
Wojczech VS Parental Advisory split
Wojczech VS Dirty Power Game split
Discography and Stubnitz live show (2003, Dratsab Records)
Wojczech VS Instinct of Survival split
Wojczech (2004, Human Meat for Sale Records)
Wojczech (2004, Absurd Records)

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