Orgin Singapore
Genres Grindcore
Years Active 2007 - Present
Country of origin Singapore
Labels TVG Records, Scion A/V, Decibel, Earache Records, Fat Ass Records, 41.9.30 Records, Scrotum Jus Records, Noise Attack, Speed Thrash Attack Distro, Legion Productions
Associated Acts I Abhor, Diseptic
Official website https://www.facebook.com/wormrot

Wormrot plays grindcore and was signed to Earache Records (UK) in 2010. Ever since Wormrot was formed in 2007, they have been doing months-long tours in the US, EU and the neighbouring Asian countries. Aside from the usual underground shows in a converted garage in Denver, a squat in Berlin or a cave in Penang, they've also played in festivals like Obscene Extreme Festival (CZ), Scion Rock Fest (US), SXSW (US), Incubate Fest (NL), Bloodshed Fest (NL) and many more.


Vocals - Arif
Guitars - Rasyid
Drums - Fit
Band Manager - Azean


Thrashcoreball Fest Live (TVG Records)
Noise (Scion A/V)
Flexi Disc (Decibel)
Dirge (Earache Records)
Wormrot VS I Abhor split (Fat Ass Records)
Wormrot VS I Abhor split (41.9.30 Records/Scrotum Jus Records)
Abuse (Earache Records)
Abuse (TVG Records)
Abuse (Scrotum Jus Records)
Wormrot VS Diseptic split (Noise Attack)
Dead (Speed Thrash Attack Distro)
Dead (Legion Productions)

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