Orgin Germany
Genres Screamo
Years Active 1998-2004
Country of origin Germany
Labels DIY
Associated Acts Engrave, The Robocop Kraus
Official website http://www.yage5.de/

Yage is a German screamo band that was born in 1998 and split up in 2004.




Yage (2000):
Ist Es Weg
Eyes To Fist
Need To Be Filled

3-17 October 1984 (2000):
Wenn Nicht Bist Du Draussen 3:38
My Head´s Film 2:37
Difference In Between 4:35
One Way Ticket Des Lebens 4:50
I Have Gun You Too 3:21
Engine Off 5:29
B-Side Has Landed 4:06
Vorstellungsspagat 3:58
Die Flucht 2:58

Yage VS Engrave Split (2000):
ENGRAVE: Translocation Experience 2:05
ENGRAVE: Selbstzerfleischung 1:57
YAGE: Regieloser Film 4:03

The Human Head Too Strong For Itself (2001)
The Human Head Too Strong For Itself 4:20
Future Is Now 2:23
How Much Is It 3:49
Und Geht Weiter 2:47
Learness Of Fog 2:05
Der Traum Läuft 5:13

Yage VS The Robocop Kraus split (2001):
YAGE:Viva La_Vie 4:56
YAGE: Untitled 1:02
THE ROBOCOP KRAUS: Love Hungry Man 2:52
THE ROBOCOP KRAUS: Untitled 0:45

Some Things Take… (2002)
Mitglied Im Club
Des Eigenen Glueckes Schmied
Eyes To Fist

Anders Leben (2003)
We Lost Beauty
Ohne Form
Lange Lugenbeine
Anders Leben!?
Leben Leben
Situations Are Like Cells
Save The Fear Slave

…And Nobody Told Me To Think About Life In General (2003):
Ist Es Weg
Need To Be Filled
One Step For
Fur Immer Sind Zwei Schone Worte
The human head too strong for itself 4:17
Future is now 2:21
How much it is 3:48
Und geht weiter 2:47
Clearness of fog 2:03
Der Traum Lauft 5:10
Viva la vie 5:08
Wenn nicht bist du draussen 1:05
My heads film 3:37
Difference in between 2:35
One way ticket des lebens 4:34
I have a gun you, too 4:50
Engine off 3:20
The b-side has landed 5:27
Vorstellungsspagat 4:04
Die flucht 3:58
Regieloser film 2:57

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